Modern cutting-the-edge technology production processes

Ecofarm TO Fish Processing Centre is in the ownership of domestic Estonian marine farmers & fish breeders, who have totally changed the idea of fish breeding and switched to the cutting-the-edge technological production processes, which ensure the sustainable fish-breeding chain and stable round-the-year production cycle regardless of the weather.

  • The product range of Ecofarm TO Fish Processing Centre includes handy and transportation-friendly trout, sturgeon, whitefish, eel fillets and steaks in small packages. In the near future, the list will also comprise the mountain trout, and domestic fresh Baltic herring and sprats in small packages. Fish fillets and pre-processed food of different fish breeds can be supplied to the shops within 24 hours after fish arrival at the Fish Processing Centre.

  • In the Fish Processing Centre, fresh fish undergoes pre-processing, in the course of which the value of fresh domestic fish and fish with controlled production cycle is increased. We pack our products into transportation-safe small packaging, and delivered to the consumer, using the prompt and cutting-the-edge technology in order to preserve the fresh fish quality.

“We have seriously worked for the purpose of domestic fish breeding and processing for many years, and this Fish Processing Centre means one more step to the future, when we will continuously offer the Estonian consumers fresh and healthy choice of fish.”

The up-to-date new Ecofarm TO Fish Processing Centre is one out of five Estonian marine breeders, who locate in Saaremaa. Fish breeding farms are seen as enterprises of the new generation, where the production process is coupled with electronic control and monitoring of feeding and servicing. The production units operate round the year in the conditions of closed water circulation in semi-fresh water, ensuring the stress- and parasite-free environment for growth of fish for food. The sustainable fish farms are independent from weather conditions, i.e. the new Fish Processing Centre will continuously get plenty of quality fresh raw fish to supply the consumers healthy domestic chemical-free fish product.

“The fish growth chains at our farms are under control, we use quality feedstuff and we are responsible for the produce being healthy and tasty, which is totally different from fish sold during sales campaigns.“